This Morning


I just got back from finishing my final for college. To save money since I need parking permit to park near college, I usually park up in the neighborhood north of it. While I was walking, I heard a few sounds. Once in a while, I looked back and there wasn’t anyone there. I think I was just paranoid so I ignored it. As I continued to walk, the sounds became louder. The sounds to me was something of electricity plus white noise. I kept on looking back and decided to take photos on my iphone.

Nothing really appeared when I first glanced at it, but when I looked closer I was shocked. It can’t be HIM again. I thought he left.

You can’t really see it, but there is a black mist there.

After looking at the picture on my phone, I just ran to my car. I was panicking and I know I shouldn’t be doing so, but I took some photos. At least I can try catching some more evidence.This photo below is what I took before I drove off.

Everything was becoming darker around me when I took this one. It was a risky and stupid move. I shouldn’t be taking pictures at this time, but I wanted something captured on camera. I got more what I bargained for. I felt light-headed as darkness started to engulf my vision, but I managed to escape.

Thank god!



Sorry, it was longer than I thought.

I checked the attic for the first time and not to my surprise it was rather dark and eerie. I had my flashlight with me, thank goodness. However, to my surprise, there wasn’t anything peculiar. Not to what I had seen. It’s rather empty. I spent about 2-3 hours in there wondering if something or someone would be there. The person that interrupted me was my mother asking me why am I here doing up there. I just answered that I was curious.

To my disappointment, nothing caught my eye up there. Nothing exciting nor odd.

That’s my attic report.

I am still constructing the stone structure I saw in my dream. It will be done ASAP.



I’m going to the attic tomorrow at 3 PST.

I will post prompty at 5 pm PST.

Wish me luck.

For the last three afternoons since Monday afternoon, I had been taking naps. Ever since Monday, I started to get weird dreams. I don’t know if they are connected or had something to do with anything, but they were bizarre and it happened three afternoon naps in a row. By the way, the reason why I take afternoon naps is because I usually stay up until 3 or 4 am. Anyways, I had gotten three dreams.

1st one Monday Afternoon

  • was walking around in my grandmother’s house
  • was a small child about four or five years old
  • I stumbled onto some type of room, appears to be a garage or storage room
  • I saw tubs of water
  • In curiosity, I dipped my hands into a large tub of water
  • It happened to be an organ, a heart.
  • Someone found me in the room, don’t know who it was
  • Felt anger from this person
  • I ran out of the room and never returned

My thoughts about the first dream that it seemed to be a repressed memory back when I was a child. I used to live with my grandparents after my father died and my mother was still struggling to buy a house for me and my brother. I enjoyed living with my grandparents in that time. They were always so kind to me. However, that dream really scared me. The organ was as vivid as I can imagine. It was a heart. I am not going to jump into conclusions that it’s a human heart. Either way, that dream terrified me and it had be worse that I had the eyes of a child.

2nd Dream Tuesday Afternoon

  • I was in a bar with friends, watching television
  • News of a meteor hitting earth
  • Everyone went into panic
  • Was with a friend as we continued to watch the tv
  • The bar was ontop of large stone steps, similar to the temples of the aztecs
  • People saw ripples from the hit of the metor, dust and ash coming our way
  • I woke up before I died

I don’t know about this one. It seems to be set in the future. I think I was 21. I don’t want to think of this as a premonition to the end of the world though. That’s all I can say about this one.

3rd Dream Wednesday Afternoon

  • I drove to my friend’s house
  • No space for my car so I parked faraway
  • My friend’s mother picked me up and drove back to the house
  • Music was playing in my friend’s stereo outside and two people knocked it out. I cursed at them
  • Realized something was strange. They had an altar and it appeared to be voodoo.
  • Saw my friend taking off her top and started dancing. I felt uncomfortable.
  • Suddenly, I appeared in a hospital. Was being sedated and at the same time, got flashes of that bizarre night.
  • Got flashes of dancing, fire, and skulls.
  • I fell into a deep sleep and realized I was in a ceremonial altar of time and space. In the middle was a musical symbol and got large altars and in the middle are stairs leading up high into the clouds.
  • I still got flashes from that bizarre night and at the same time clouds started coming in.
  • Two people were there. Some of Fantasy I think. Think of it as of Legend of Zelda-like characters.
  • It happened to be stormy clouds coming in.
  • Passed out on the ground and soon saw myself laying in one of the altars, sleeping.
  • Saw a red tunic fellow (not link) going up the stairs and saw a hand coming out to him, telling the fellow to go faster and eventually caught up.
  • Ended with a time going back as the red tunic boy as a baby.

I assure you, I haven’t been playing legend of Zelda. I still remember what the structure looked like and symbols I remember as well. I will draw them immediately. Anyways, it was…….very vivid. I still remember the images of that voodoo-like night and the white eyes rolled back. It was absolutely terrifying. Actually, I am a little speechless from this dream and my head still hurts. At least I woke up earlier this time.



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It has been five months since all of this started and so much had happened. First, it became the unsettling feelings and those restless nights and soon it involved into something greater. I looked back at all of my drawings and still wonder on what could this thing be. It can be many things now. It could either be a spiritual entity, some type of apparation, a negative spirit, or even a creature. I still can’t say it is what others said could be Slender Man. It is true that these beings, Visokiy and HIM are Slender-man like. Also, they didn’t seem to attempt to cause harm to me. All they did was just stare and watch me. All I did was either ignore or get used to their presence which seemed to have died down. It actually did especially when I started taking my medication and had been going to the psychologist, which I had gone to last week. There was nothing special about that appointment. My psychologist, Dr. Miller, said I am doing fairly well and am getting ‘better’ in his eyes. I am just glad that these two entities don’t seem to bother me anymore. I think they are gone.

One thing that bothered me though that there seems to be another person stalking me, telling to me stop. Stop what? What have I done? Well I had been researching more about the house I know live in and what secrets my family might be hiding. Whoever this is, stop it or I will call the police. I swear.

Anyways, I was wrong about Visokiy and HIM gone for good when I discovered that dark spot one day. I think they have not yet left or is it something else that left that spot. The texture was crusty and in some parts, felt like ash as if something was burned there. The colors were a mixture of black and dark red. I won’t jump into conclusions that it is blood. I kept telling myself that it’s nothing and simply cleaned it up. I think I should simply ignore it. There is nothing else I can do.

All I can do is research for now.

Dark Spot


I just came back from college around 2 pm. When I entered the room, I saw that. Either my brother was playing with my art supplies again or it could be something left over. It wasn’t there when I went out at 8 am today. Fortunately, I was able to clean it up. It had a crusty texture when I touched it.

Hello everyone. I know it is a late hour and I am sorry I hadn’t been on this blog long. There has been things going on and apparently someone is stalking me and not it is not what you think. I had been looking into more into my family, the traditional customs, along with this house I am living in. I am finding out a little more at the time as I piece these information together. Perhaps someone doesn’t want to me to find out more information.

This stalker had just started by tampering with my blog. Seriously…is it the same person who had been putting the previous messages? Well, I can’t say for sure.

Also, that picture of me, I don’t know what it is. I don’t remember taking it and I don’t know what it is in the corner. I rather not know.

I know it is a late hour and I will be getting to bed now. Good night everyone.