What keeps me up at night


I know everyone must have this experience or feeling. Thoughts within our minds, desiring to come out or to be repressed like how the useless junk are placed at the back of an attic. Actually, brains work that way if you think about it. We choose what to put in our attic and which skeletons we put in our closets. However, that is not what keeps me up at night.

There are these hidden ideas or what you can call another plane of imagination. As an artist, ideas and creativity want to be expressed through a pen, pencil, a brush, or any writing utenstil. However, something seemed to be preventing me to do so. For many nights I had stayed up listening to all types of music from hardcore ska to downtempo and television shows such as South Park. Honestly, I do even take a gander at porn. All of this had bored me, yet it became a habit. As you can tell, I found myself in quite a conundrum or should it be considered a dilemma?

All I know is that these thoughts I had been having do make me wonder. It had been happening for couple weeks when it was around the same time I started my spring semester. Come to think of it, it could be because of my nerves getting the best of me. I shouldn’t be so worried .

I need to break this cycle of 21 hours of consciousness and 3 hours of slumber. At least  I have some some wonderful music to listen to as I slowly watch the night die away.

By the wall by Tomas Dvorak


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