Throughout the past week, I still have some sleeping problems and also some memory problems. Once in a while, I black out and also I pass out. The only fortunate thing is that I am always on my bed, drawing and listening to music. It’s not concerning nor frightening to me. I just find it a little odd because I had been recieving some strange frequencies. I don’t know to explain it, but it is like I am stuck in limbo between consciousness and unconsciousness. The weird part is that I am enjoying it. These strange feelings makes me feel more energized and euphoric. I contemplated about why I enjoy it, but I went along with it.

Also, I had been recieving these dreams. It took place in the forest. I went deeper and deeper into it and soon fell asleep in a clearing. I actually felt at peace. That’s all I remember. I know there is more, but I have trouble remembering it. Every time I close my eyes, I feel that I am being transported into a new and fascinating world, a solemn world.

This inspired me to add more to my drawing. I will put it up shortly.


One Response to “Passing…”

  1. talikatzman Says:

    I’m sorry if I cound too blunt,but do you have a medical problem which cuases sleeping and memory problems?

    Also I can somehow understand why you enjoy the feeling between consciousness and unconsciousness,it’s like being in a state of being awake and dreaming,I LOVE that feeling,it’s amazing,you feel uforic and like your flouting.

    By the way I’m always inspired by dreams

    Hope you feel better soon,Tali

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