-Untitled- Complete?


This is the drawing I finished last night before I got an unsettling feeling and forced to go to sleep.

The contents of this drawing I am not pretty sure on what I did. I wasn’t thinking, but when I remembered that dream the other night, I noticed something familiar. I can’t say what yet.

I think it is finished.


3 Responses to “-Untitled- Complete?”

  1. kseverny Says:

    it a slightly surreal drawing.
    i think its good.
    Only you can say whether or not its finished.
    But i wouldn’t recommend taking it further.
    You may just ruin it

  2. RedBlade2021 Says:

    I like it. You’re a pretty good artist. However like kseverny said, I wouldn’t add anything else to it. Also, if you’re getting paranoid, stay out of the dark, stay away from trees, and stay away from any tall business men who will just stare at you. Stay safe.

  3. dray Says:

    Interesting. Is that a photo-overlay at 10% opacity or so?

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