What a feeling…


Everyone had one of those strange nights. I know I have. It was different from the rest I have had for the past couple weeks or were it days? I might be loosing track. Anyways, I went to sleep before midnight last night and it was right after I finished my drawing. I was planning to post it, but a wave of weariness came over me. This wave was different though. Imagine someone pulling your body to the bed and your soul into the deep depths of unconsciousness. I didn’t want to sleep, but I felt something pulling me. I was spread out on my bed, under the covers, in complete darkness. When I quickly glanced over to my left toward the corner, there was writing. No, it wasn’t writing on the wall, but writing in my vision. It was a whole page of symbols and words. At that time, I felt vunerable and weightless. Was there a presence? I can’t say for sure.

The only symbols and words I remember is the old-fashioned division sign and the words rebirth and renew. All the rest were squiggly lines and other unfamiliar symbols. I could try remembering the whole page, but my memory is unreliable.

Then, I feel asleep right before midnight. Dreams? I didn’t recieve any. It was only darkness and empty space.

Prior to this, I believe I passed out for three hours. I found myself on my bed again, but didn’t remember a thing.

Right now, I feel a little drowsy. I just need breakfast.


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