I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. For the past couple days, I recieved more sleep, but more than I am used to. I sleep earlier now, but something about it bothered me. Every time I fall asleep, I don’t feel anything. It’s not that I expect to feel something, but it’s all darkness, an unsettling one. Also, within this darkness, there appeared to be something coming out. Something was emerging from it, but I cannot say. However, it reminded me of the killer of those people from that dream I had the other night. I will have to draw it out soon. I don’t want that image harboring in my mind.

There is something, yet there is nothing. Quite a conundrum I say and I am strangely curious about it. This unsettling feeling just make me feel ecstatic. I want to find out more about this. Does that mean I should sleep often? The other strange part…I am growing slowly fearful of sleep. I want to keep conscious. I want to make sure that I don’t miss anything. It would be a shame if I did. I want to record it on paper.

Now, I should be off drawing out the face of the killer from that dream. I hope to get it up today.

And one more thing, I think I saw a hand on the foot of my bed last night. I think I should not worry about that. I just wonder…


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