What’s there?


Yesterday, I was feeling drowsy. I just thought that it was because of school. I was just laying down on my bed, listening to pleasant music and contemplating on what to draw for my next project. I will post the progress here from my notes to the final product. I hope it will turn out well. Anyways, last night I was feeling strange. I was more acute with my senses, especially with touch. My mind was going everywhere and it felt my thoughts were being ripped away from my mind. I didn’t know what to think or feel and felt I was starting to lose consciousness. After several minutes of fighting this wave, I decided to finally call it a night. I turned off the lights and closed the door but left an opening for some light from the hallway to shine through. I went back to my bed to get some shut eye.

I thought everything would be fine, but that was when I laid back down on my bed. There was this presence and it was slowly growing stronger. My vision became blurry as I felt becoming lighter and lighter. I don’t know who or what was doing this to me. I don’t want to believe that it is something of the supernatural or the paranormal. I remember breathing heavily was my eyes were being forced shut. It was becoming more and more apparent that this presence of some sort wanted me to fall in a deep sleep. I didn’t want to so I fought. At the corner of my eye, I saw a dark figure behind my nightstand.

The figure was tall. Its head reached the ceiling. As for its body, it was very skinny. It was only standing there at the corner very still as I struggled to keep conscious. It was a quick glimpse though. It might be my mind playing tricks on me. However, I might draw on what it looked like. That might put me on ease. I only need to draw that image away.

Now, I am very hungry. What’s there to eat?


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