The assignment I have for my graphic arts class is a mask I have to draw with the pen tool. I had been thinking about my theme for it and how it would be constructed. I decided to combine the style of the Venetian Mask and branches. I am not sure if the mask would be made of branches itself, but I got a basic idea.

I know it will be based on HIM. Actually, I don’t want to call him HIM. Perhaps, something more unique. Well, I am learning Russian and the Russian word for tall is высокий (Vi-so-kiy). I will call him Visokiy. Anyways, the mask will also be based on his face or lack of it. He would be missing the right eye socket. More on that will be explained. Either he is a hallucination, something out of my imagination, or anything else, I am not scared of him now. I grown accustomed to this entity or hallucination and I don’t either care which is he. It would be just interesting how my project will turn because of his peculiar characteristics.

The automatic drawings I will still continue. One automatic drawing will come up today. From what I have interpreted on the second one I posted yesterday, I think there is a doorway and that is me standing in front of it. I am no longer scared of it. There might be something beyond that doorway and Visokiy wants me to go to it. I am not going in because that he wants me to, but I am curious on what lies beyond it.

Basically, I am used to this. It’s like an imaginary friend of some sort and I am not ashamed of it. What will Visokiy show me? I can’t wait to find out.


3 Responses to “Visokiy”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Stay safe.
    I’m curious as to how you can maintain such an optimistic view given the information that’s out there about such things.

    This path seems only to lead to trouble.

    • Gretel Says:

      I just don’t want to dwell on all the negativity of this or I can be in denial. I am starting to sound like a hypocrit. Basically, I am willing to see where this path leads and I will never know if I don’t try. Also, it peaks my curiosity. I want to know.

      Thank you for the concern though. I will stay safe. If there is anything I find very suspicious or reprehensible, I will bail.

  2. hungover Says:

    I definitely think you are on to something there!

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