My Little Plan


Well, it’s not like a plan, more like an idea. I wouldn’t mind having others watch what I sketch and perhaps do it live. I will always be recording them and such and I wouldn’t mind answering questions visually. For example, if you want me to draw what Visokiy looks like, I would be more than glad to show you. I know I would risk what you call trolls coming in. I will be on alert.

I think it would benefit me and everyone else. It would be interesting to see a recording of myself doing an automatic drawing and wonder what is going through my head.

I have a blogtv account now.

I will do it Monday today at 2 pm Pacific Time, United States


2 Responses to “My Little Plan”

  1. UltimaLinkStephen Says:

    Can you please enable guest chat? My BlogTV account is a junior account so I can’t chat or see your stream, but if I am a guest I can watch and if you enable guest chat I can talk too.

  2. UltimaLinkStephen Says:

    Wait, if you accept my friend request I can chat with you I think. Can you accept it?

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