– – X     – . –    . X .    – – –    X . .    – . X    . X X    – . .    X . –    . X .    . X .     – . .

v jung fur pnyyf ivfbxvl

fur bhg

xrrcvat ure fnsr

jr ner cynlvat



6 Responses to “LCISN KUMYP DAJCW L”

  1. Serenity Says:

    No! Not codes!

    Dang it. Makes my head hurt.

  2. Serenity Says:

    I hope someone can crack this soon…

  3. chimp Says:

    i what she calls visokiy

    she out

    keeping her safe

    we are playing


    I think that’s what it means

  4. chimp Says:

    The title seems to be consisted of NASA codewords.

    LCISN : Solar Winds or Looking for water on other planets (not sure?)
    KUMYP : Black holes
    DAJCW : Imagery
    L: ?

    Not one hundred percent sure though.

  5. shapeless79 Says:

    What did you use to crack the main code Chimp?

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