I’m back and fine


I apologize for the absence. I am actually fine and well. I had been going through something. I don’t know how to describe it. I needed some time alone and sketch what wanted to go through. Those sketches posted were of my doing if you needed confirmation on that.

I needed it out of my head.

I just kept having flashes of certain things like an alley, a tunnel, and occasionally a huge oak tree with children playing around it. I think the game they were playing was hide and seek.

Everything’s fine.

I assure you.

One more thing, I don’t remember changing the theme of this nor this youtube channel. What happened when I was gone?

Update: changed the theme to something more calming :3


10 Responses to “I’m back and fine”

  1. Serenity Says:

    And the creepy code stuff…?

    • Gretel Says:

      Wait what?

      • Serenity Says:

        Every single post…had like codes for the titles…

        And one post had no images, just codes of some kind, a few of us followers have been trying to decipher them. (I’m no good with that kind of stuff so I’ve basically just been watching.)

        You sure you okay? One of the ciphers was like…Visokiy talking.

      • Gretel Says:

        Oh, I guess I have look through what I had missed. How long was I gone?

  2. Serenity Says:

    You’ve been…”gone” since the third. After you posted “Within”.

    Also, I’ve been uneasy ever since someone posted what they could decipher from one of the codes.

    “i what she calls visokiy

    she out

    keeping her safe

    we are playing



    • Serenity Says:

      My bad. You’ve been gone since the sixth of this month.

      • Serenity Says:

        Or at least, that’s when the weird posts started happening.

      • Gretel Says:

        I am checking my calender. I was gone for more than a week? This can’t be right.

        And I see…..okay. I am looking through these posts now.

  3. Serenity Says:

    Well, the last post that was “you” was on the second, so you may have been gone for two weeks.

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