Something’s Wrong


I don’t feel at ease tonight.

It all started with a nap from 3 to 5 pm. I had a dream that startled me. It is still etched in my brain because of how vivid it was. It was as if it was real. I don’t know to explain it and I woke up before it could resolve itself. However, I felt I am being pulled back to that dream so it would finish in the last few hours. My head is constraining. My sense are overreacting. Clips of that dream still play through my head over and over.

It involved me being taken. Not in the terms of alien abduction, but it was some type of abduction, a kidnapping. These people ,who indeed looked human to me, attempted to strapped me to table. My surroundings were just white such as white walls, white uniforms, I was wearing a white patient gown. Come to think of it, it seemed to be a hospital. Anyways, I escaped and ran to see that this facility was made out of white wood. The walls had the texture of tree bark and floor was smooth white oak. However, they caught me and placed me back in the room. All I saw was this outrageously large metal clamp and everything went blank. As I woke up, I found myself being taken to a giant hall. Everything was dark this time. There were lots of people, but they are only silhouettes and they look like Visokiy but some are not so tall, some are short, all in different heights, but all slim. I found myself on a stage with a bright light over me. In the middle of the audience, there was a circle and another light shining down. The light itself sparkled as if it is sacred to them. Before I could get a chance to go over to the light myself, these Visokiy-like people charmed me into standing on a specific spot. It was on the left side of the stage if one is sitting in the audience. I just stood there, trying to maintain my balance. Before I could snap out of my little trance, I felt something growing  around my feet. I didn’t get the chance to look down because they quickly put on a blindfold. Afterwards, I felt I was held in place. I saw nothing, yet I saw something. My mind wasn’t there, but my body was. The feeling was indescribable. Moments later, I woke up, dizzy.

This dream sounded like a bunch of nonsense. However, it disturbed me very much.

I don’t know what it means or it could be of Visokiy’s doing. Either way, something’s terribly wrong.

I hope I am able to sleep tonight. Maybe not.


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