First Appointment


Last Saturday, I had an appointment with my psychologist Dr. Miller. It was a typical appointment. I explained to to him what I had seen and mentioned Visokiy and HIM. I also showed him some of the drawings I made and dicussed about my wordpress blog and what has been happening to me. To be quite honest, I thought I got off my rocker and deserved to be in a straight jacket, but my psychologist took it well. Well, it is his job to listen to peoples’ rants. Anyways, he seemed intrigued by my visions and hallucinations and said that I should have get a sketchbook where I would draw only when any more visions came in and hand draw it, no more adobe programs.

I haven’t drawn lately, but I will get something to draw on. I will just use these old notebooks that was never used in high school so I can write what I saw as well.

I explained to him that I had been taking anti-depressants for the past several months and prior to these events. He said to not take it every day which I had been doing. He didn’t prescribe any more drugs to me.

Overall, it is just the beginning of the treatment. He told me that these were just all in my head which I think it is.

We will see which direction this would lead me.

I feel better and relieved after that appointment. I can’t wait for the next one later on this month.


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