Where I have been


I am sorry that I had not been on this blog as I used to. Perhaps, you are wondering where I have been for the past seven days or so.

Just to let you know that it slowly approaching crunch time in college or it is crunch time right now. I had been studying so much that I have lost track. Basically, things had been going down when it comes to study and academics. I have not drawn as much as I used to and my nights had been restless.

That doesn’t mean things hadn’t been happening, but I want to forget about them. I really do.

Also, I realized I have not been keeping things consistent such as the automatic drawings, voice diary, and the list of events. I tend to forget about those things. I will try to do an automatic drawing once a week and the update the list of events once a week along with the voice diary. Please forgive me.

As for the information on the house, all I had gotten that this house was built after World War II. I don’t know that will help and the information on the previous owner, I still cannot get the hold of. I will get back to this when I can.

I just want you all to know that I am safe, better than the usual, and all that jazz. 🙂


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