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10 Responses to “kdgsvrky”

  1. shapeless79 Says:


    HHHolmesJeanneWeberDaryaSaltykovaGrim SleeperPeterKürtenRobertMaudsley learnobserverecopyreenact do

    Translated, ROT code again. Any idea what it means, if anything?

  2. Gretel Says:

    Umm….if I am correct, I know that H. H. Holmes is a name of a serial killer back in the 1800s I think. I am not sure about the rest of the names. As for the last bits…I think it’s telling me to research Holmes along with these other names and do what they had done. Creepy as it sounds, I think this person wants me to kill.

  3. shapeless79 Says:

    Of course, should have realised, to busy with work lately and brain not firing on all cylinders. Here’s links to the info you need;

    It’s all pretty chilling stuff, I don’t wish to jump to any conclusions, I’m no psychiatrist, but I am a little confused as to why he/she didn’t list some more well known serial killers. Obviously I’ve heard of Holmes, but the others, not so much. What with the codes and ciphers I wouldn’t be surprised if they were drawing inspiration from Zodiac and Jack. You need to make your place more secure and don’t get drawn into his psychological games any more, you have to resist…

    • Gretel Says:

      Very good point. Just…how do all these tie to Visokiy and HIM other than the killing? That’s one thing I am wondering about.

      • Matt Says:

        Maybe they possess some connection to the house, or to their blurry histories?

  4. Gretel Says:

    Maybe I really have to go up to my attic to see if there’s anything there. That’s the only place that no one in the house hasn’t gone in in years and no, I haven’t been to the attic yet.

    • Matt Says:

      Be careful Gretel. Considering that stain from earlier, I’d bring something to defend yourself with. Just in case.

      • Gretel Says:

        Good point Matt. When should I go into the attic? I was thinking this weekend.

      • Matt Says:

        I’m honestly not sure when a good time would be. Probably a time when there are other people around and you would feel safe.

      • Gretel Says:

        Went to the attic. There’s nothing up there.

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