Last three afternoons, First three dreams


For the last three afternoons since Monday afternoon, I had been taking naps. Ever since Monday, I started to get weird dreams. I don’t know if they are connected or had something to do with anything, but they were bizarre and it happened three afternoon naps in a row. By the way, the reason why I take afternoon naps is because I usually stay up until 3 or 4 am. Anyways, I had gotten three dreams.

1st one Monday Afternoon

  • was walking around in my grandmother’s house
  • was a small child about four or five years old
  • I stumbled onto some type of room, appears to be a garage or storage room
  • I saw tubs of water
  • In curiosity, I dipped my hands into a large tub of water
  • It happened to be an organ, a heart.
  • Someone found me in the room, don’t know who it was
  • Felt anger from this person
  • I ran out of the room and never returned

My thoughts about the first dream that it seemed to be a repressed memory back when I was a child. I used to live with my grandparents after my father died and my mother was still struggling to buy a house for me and my brother. I enjoyed living with my grandparents in that time. They were always so kind to me. However, that dream really scared me. The organ was as vivid as I can imagine. It was a heart. I am not going to jump into conclusions that it’s a human heart. Either way, that dream terrified me and it had be worse that I had the eyes of a child.

2nd Dream Tuesday Afternoon

  • I was in a bar with friends, watching television
  • News of a meteor hitting earth
  • Everyone went into panic
  • Was with a friend as we continued to watch the tv
  • The bar was ontop of large stone steps, similar to the temples of the aztecs
  • People saw ripples from the hit of the metor, dust and ash coming our way
  • I woke up before I died

I don’t know about this one. It seems to be set in the future. I think I was 21. I don’t want to think of this as a premonition to the end of the world though. That’s all I can say about this one.

3rd Dream Wednesday Afternoon

  • I drove to my friend’s house
  • No space for my car so I parked faraway
  • My friend’s mother picked me up and drove back to the house
  • Music was playing in my friend’s stereo outside and two people knocked it out. I cursed at them
  • Realized something was strange. They had an altar and it appeared to be voodoo.
  • Saw my friend taking off her top and started dancing. I felt uncomfortable.
  • Suddenly, I appeared in a hospital. Was being sedated and at the same time, got flashes of that bizarre night.
  • Got flashes of dancing, fire, and skulls.
  • I fell into a deep sleep and realized I was in a ceremonial altar of time and space. In the middle was a musical symbol and got large altars and in the middle are stairs leading up high into the clouds.
  • I still got flashes from that bizarre night and at the same time clouds started coming in.
  • Two people were there. Some of Fantasy I think. Think of it as of Legend of Zelda-like characters.
  • It happened to be stormy clouds coming in.
  • Passed out on the ground and soon saw myself laying in one of the altars, sleeping.
  • Saw a red tunic fellow (not link) going up the stairs and saw a hand coming out to him, telling the fellow to go faster and eventually caught up.
  • Ended with a time going back as the red tunic boy as a baby.

I assure you, I haven’t been playing legend of Zelda. I still remember what the structure looked like and symbols I remember as well. I will draw them immediately. Anyways, it was…….very vivid. I still remember the images of that voodoo-like night and the white eyes rolled back. It was absolutely terrifying. Actually, I am a little speechless from this dream and my head still hurts. At least I woke up earlier this time.


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