This Morning


I just got back from finishing my final for college. To save money since I need parking permit to park near college, I usually park up in the neighborhood north of it. While I was walking, I heard a few sounds. Once in a while, I looked back and there wasn’t anyone there. I think I was just paranoid so I ignored it. As I continued to walk, the sounds became louder. The sounds to me was something of electricity plus white noise. I kept on looking back and decided to take photos on my iphone.

Nothing really appeared when I first glanced at it, but when I looked closer I was shocked. It can’t be HIM again. I thought he left.

You can’t really see it, but there is a black mist there.

After looking at the picture on my phone, I just ran to my car. I was panicking and I know I shouldn’t be doing so, but I took some photos. At least I can try catching some more evidence.This photo below is what I took before I drove off.

Everything was becoming darker around me when I took this one. It was a risky and stupid move. I shouldn’t be taking pictures at this time, but I wanted something captured on camera. I got more what I bargained for. I felt light-headed as darkness started to engulf my vision, but I managed to escape.

Thank god!


Big find?


I am attempting to make connections, but it all seems to lead to the same source, my family. I am starting to research on my family’s cultural background, especially their folklore. They were raised in a rural area which most believe in superstition and spirits. I am starting to realize many things as I get more into this. It’s interesting.

For example, I found out more about this Kapre. It’s actually a tree demon with human characteristics. It is usually described as a tall hairy man. Think of it as the Philippine version of a Bigfoot. This creature usually dwell in big trees and is usually seen setting under them, smoking large rolls of cigars. In some versions of this creature, it carries a magical stone that if a human obtains it, that human would get wishes. So, it is like a bigfoot and part genie? Interesting…. It is not considered as evil either. It usually makes contact with humans to either offer friendship or if it is attracted to a woman, it would follow this creature her all his life. It is also believed to pull pranks on people, usually travelers who dare to explore its terrain.

I think this is a great find to me. Visokiy CAN be this tree demon who might be attracted to me? If that is true, then that creature should have seen me at the forest when I was either five or nine. I had only gone to the Philippines twice. Well, that would be quite oldd, but it could make sense.

As for HIM, I am not sure.

Speaking of these two, they had been quiet, but I still feel their presence. Visokiy’s presence more stronger than HIM’s though. I think HIM has left me alone? I hope so…but it leaves Visokiy…

Oh well, I am just glad I found this information. I most dig for more answers! Off to read more folklores!

Where I have been


I am sorry that I had not been on this blog as I used to. Perhaps, you are wondering where I have been for the past seven days or so.

Just to let you know that it slowly approaching crunch time in college or it is crunch time right now. I had been studying so much that I have lost track. Basically, things had been going down when it comes to study and academics. I have not drawn as much as I used to and my nights had been restless.

That doesn’t mean things hadn’t been happening, but I want to forget about them. I really do.

Also, I realized I have not been keeping things consistent such as the automatic drawings, voice diary, and the list of events. I tend to forget about those things. I will try to do an automatic drawing once a week and the update the list of events once a week along with the voice diary. Please forgive me.

As for the information on the house, all I had gotten that this house was built after World War II. I don’t know that will help and the information on the previous owner, I still cannot get the hold of. I will get back to this when I can.

I just want you all to know that I am safe, better than the usual, and all that jazz. 🙂

This Isn’t Funny


Who keeps on doing this? Is someone trying to creep me out with these messages? What’s going on?

And who changed the theme?

Sorry, I am just a little frightened is all. More codes to decode, including the new one in my twitter. Someone’s trying to scare me and unfortunately it is working. Again, last night is a blur.

I might need a couple days off to clear my head or something. I need to calm down.



As silly as this may sounds, I woke up naked this morning under the covers. I feel disoriented and had struggled to wake up. I don’t recall taking off my clothes or falling asleep. I didn’t examine myself thoroughly if I have any external markings and my memory is only a blur.

Last night, it was indeed blacker. It’s just a black rectangle. I don’t know how I managed to fall asleep with that facing me.

Also, Visokiy or HIM doesn’t show up anymore. There is just this black rectangle that appears at night. I don’t dare to even investigate it. I’ll ignore it each night if I have to.

For now, I am going to research this house. I will put whatever information I’ll find.

And one more thing, who posted in my wordpress? This gibberish? I don’t remember putting this up. Might as well decipher it the best I can.

What a morning.

Wrong? Right?


I don’t know what I should think or do. My actions are not my own. These other thoughts are consuming me ever so slowly. I feel myself slipping. However, I am a fighter. I won’t give in. I know I saw HIM. I don’t know what he wants, but I won’t give it to him.

There are images flashing by the second and they must be drawn.

I hope this is just fatigue. Hopefully, my class would wake me up today.

Something is just isn’t right.

Everything will be fine.

It’s just morning. It’s too early to assume.

I need coffee.

Obscurity roams down related routes amongst Chimeras

What happened


I am finally wide awake enough to tell what happened.

Last night, I had a strange experience. At first, I thought it would be nice to do a late night broadcast to show others how I function at night and to hopefully have Visokiy join me. I know it was a foolish thought, but it seemed to be harmless. Many people do the same. However, something happened.

I saw HIM. I peeked behind the curtains to see who was there and there he was. I decided to ignore him but when I turned back to the computer screen, there he was, staring at me, not even moving. I took a few deep breathes and tried to tune this presence out. I was foolish to think that was even possible. I started to feel strange. I remember my writing to be more erratic and there are thoughts that are not even mine. Then, I blacked out. I only remember being trapped, more accurately, caged. The one who was present at the time, his name is Stephen, said that HIM has a childish nature to him. It started to sound like that of ‘Masky’. Anyways, Stephen said that HIM drew rough sketches of what appeared to be people and kept repeating the symbol, the circle with one line going diagonally, but two versions, one going left and one going right. The one going right appeared to be referring to me. I am aware I am born half blind meaning I am only blind on my right eye. However, the one going through the left. Who is that referring to?

There is so much going on now and I still feel a little exhausted.

Anyways, I posted HIM’s Sketches last night. I don’t know what he is trying to say. Check them out if you want. Terrible artist though.