This Morning


I just got back from finishing my final for college. To save money since I need parking permit to park near college, I usually park up in the neighborhood north of it. While I was walking, I heard a few sounds. Once in a while, I looked back and there wasn’t anyone there. I think I was just paranoid so I ignored it. As I continued to walk, the sounds became louder. The sounds to me was something of electricity plus white noise. I kept on looking back and decided to take photos on my iphone.

Nothing really appeared when I first glanced at it, but when I looked closer I was shocked. It can’t be HIM again. I thought he left.

You can’t really see it, but there is a black mist there.

After looking at the picture on my phone, I just ran to my car. I was panicking and I know I shouldn’t be doing so, but I took some photos. At least I can try catching some more evidence.This photo below is what I took before I drove off.

Everything was becoming darker around me when I took this one. It was a risky and stupid move. I shouldn’t be taking pictures at this time, but I wanted something captured on camera. I got more what I bargained for. I felt light-headed as darkness started to engulf my vision, but I managed to escape.

Thank god!




I’m going to the attic tomorrow at 3 PST.

I will post prompty at 5 pm PST.

Wish me luck.



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It has been five months since all of this started and so much had happened. First, it became the unsettling feelings and those restless nights and soon it involved into something greater. I looked back at all of my drawings and still wonder on what could this thing be. It can be many things now. It could either be a spiritual entity, some type of apparation, a negative spirit, or even a creature. I still can’t say it is what others said could be Slender Man. It is true that these beings, Visokiy and HIM are Slender-man like. Also, they didn’t seem to attempt to cause harm to me. All they did was just stare and watch me. All I did was either ignore or get used to their presence which seemed to have died down. It actually did especially when I started taking my medication and had been going to the psychologist, which I had gone to last week. There was nothing special about that appointment. My psychologist, Dr. Miller, said I am doing fairly well and am getting ‘better’ in his eyes. I am just glad that these two entities don’t seem to bother me anymore. I think they are gone.

One thing that bothered me though that there seems to be another person stalking me, telling to me stop. Stop what? What have I done? Well I had been researching more about the house I know live in and what secrets my family might be hiding. Whoever this is, stop it or I will call the police. I swear.

Anyways, I was wrong about Visokiy and HIM gone for good when I discovered that dark spot one day. I think they have not yet left or is it something else that left that spot. The texture was crusty and in some parts, felt like ash as if something was burned there. The colors were a mixture of black and dark red. I won’t jump into conclusions that it is blood. I kept telling myself that it’s nothing and simply cleaned it up. I think I should simply ignore it. There is nothing else I can do.

All I can do is research for now.






I have decided to broadcast today, Tuesday. I am going to broadcast 1:30 pm PST time.

Will do an automatic drawing and I actually have a new microphone. I will talk in this broadcast, but I don’t talk much. I will try my best.