Hello everyone. I know it is a late hour and I am sorry I hadn’t been on this blog long. There has been things going on and apparently someone is stalking me and not it is not what you think. I had been looking into more into my family, the traditional customs, along with this house I am living in. I am finding out a little more at the time as I piece these information together. Perhaps someone doesn’t want to me to find out more information.

This stalker had just started by tampering with my blog. Seriously…is it the same person who had been putting the previous messages? Well, I can’t say for sure.

Also, that picture of me, I don’t know what it is. I don’t remember taking it and I don’t know what it is in the corner. I rather not know.

I know it is a late hour and I will be getting to bed now. Good night everyone.










Big find?


I am attempting to make connections, but it all seems to lead to the same source, my family. I am starting to research on my family’s cultural background, especially their folklore. They were raised in a rural area which most believe in superstition and spirits. I am starting to realize many things as I get more into this. It’s interesting.

For example, I found out more about this Kapre. It’s actually a tree demon with human characteristics. It is usually described as a tall hairy man. Think of it as the Philippine version of a Bigfoot. This creature usually dwell in big trees and is usually seen setting under them, smoking large rolls of cigars. In some versions of this creature, it carries a magical stone that if a human obtains it, that human would get wishes. So, it is like a bigfoot and part genie? Interesting…. It is not considered as evil either. It usually makes contact with humans to either offer friendship or if it is attracted to a woman, it would follow this creature her all his life. It is also believed to pull pranks on people, usually travelers who dare to explore its terrain.

I think this is a great find to me. Visokiy CAN be this tree demon who might be attracted to me? If that is true, then that creature should have seen me at the forest when I was either five or nine. I had only gone to the Philippines twice. Well, that would be quite oldd, but it could make sense.

As for HIM, I am not sure.

Speaking of these two, they had been quiet, but I still feel their presence. Visokiy’s presence more stronger than HIM’s though. I think HIM has left me alone? I hope so…but it leaves Visokiy…

Oh well, I am just glad I found this information. I most dig for more answers! Off to read more folklores!

Hanging Tree


This came to me in a dream. This image I had kept to myself. Now, I can finally show you.

Automatic Drawing 6


Was done in the broadcast today in blogtv.

I have decided to broadcast today, Tuesday. I am going to broadcast 1:30 pm PST time.


Will do an automatic drawing and I actually have a new microphone. I will talk in this broadcast, but I don’t talk much. I will try my best.